GTA San Andreas Cheats for Cars and other Special Means of Mobility

GTA San Andreas cheats are your allies in winning this game. The action- adventure games, or racing games or third-person shooting situations require a player to have special abilities and tools. Basically, there are three sets of codes, one set for the main game and the other two sets for the game expansions. You can put input the codes by inputting them into your character's mobile phone and then dialing those numbers.

Following are sets of codes that you can use to acquire and use special cars and other means of mobility.

GTA Main or Regular Game

In the regular game, you can use nine vehicle codes. There are special names for these cars such as Cognoscenti and Sanchez. You have to familiarize yourselves with the different vehicles for you to match the right codes to their corresponding cars.

With the code 227-555-0100, you can have the FIB Buffalo, a car used to make operations involving policemen much easier. The Turismo, a very speedy car, can be had with the code 227-555-0147. The code 227-555-0168 is your ticket to obtaining the speediest car in the list, the Super GT. A bike called Sanchez can be obtained by inputting this code: 625-555-0150. For the Cognoscenti car, use the code 227-5550142. There is also a boat that you can utilize by using the code 938-555-0100 while the code for getting a special called Annihilator is 359-555-0100. The name of the special boat is Jetmax. Lastly, the code 227-555-0175 is the one assigned for the Comet car.

The First GTA Game Expansion

The first extension of the game is a game exploring the story of the character named Johnny Klebitz. This guy is a leader of a gang of bikers that roam the streets of Liberty City. For this part of the game, the cheat codes already mentioned above are also applicable. However, there are additional codes for getting special motorcycles for particular purposes. Type the code 826-555-0150 to quickly acquire the special Burrito motorcycle while for the Double T motorcycle, use the code 245-555-0125. The Double T is dubbed the "super sweet". The Hakuchou can be had through the code 245-555-0199. There's also the Innovation motorbike with the 245-555-0100 code assigned to it. For the famed Slamvan, use the code 826-555-0100. Finally, for the favorite bike that Johnny is always using, use the code 245-555-0150.

Ballad of Gay Tony

There are also additional GTA San Andreas cheats codes the second extension of the game, called Ballad of Gay Tony. The main character in this part of game story is a guy named Luis. In the story, Luis is an owner of a few night clubs still in the city of Liberty.

The Vader is a motorcycle that can be acquired through a use of the code 625-555-3273. There's also a boat floater that can be had with the code 938-555-0150. A mobile military tank called APC can be used by dialing the number 272-555-8265. There can also be times when you need to jump off from a building. For those times, a parachute is available. You can easily jump from building to building and from a building to the ground by just encoding and dialing the number 359-555-7272. Go Around this Site for More Cheat Codes There are more vehicle and mobility cheat codes that were not mentioned here. Go around this site and discover how you can trample your enemies to the ground, never to rise again.